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Mastering Extended Colour Gamut Printing (ECG) with Pinmark Block's Flexo Plates

Updated: Feb 7

Dive into the world of excellence with 'Mastering Extended Colour Gamut Printing (ECG) with Pinmark Block's Flexo Plates. Explore the transformative benefits and practical insights, unlocking a new standard in print quality and efficiency.

Welcome to an immersive guide where we unravel the art and science of Extended Color Gamut (ECG) printing. In this exploration, discover how Pinmark Block becomes the catalyst for achieving unparalleled and consistent print excellence, all while utilizing CMYKOGV inks.

Mastering Extended Colour Gamut (ECG)
Extended Colour Gamut

Section 1: Unveiling the Brilliance of Extended Color Gamut (ECG)

Extended Colour Gamut (ECG) is not just a printing technique; it's a revolutionary approach that transforms the color landscape. Beyond the limitations of traditional CMYK models, ECG introduces additional inks—expanding the color spectrum to include orange, green, and violet. This results in prints that not only mirror the original artwork but do so with heightened accuracy, vibrancy, and a broader range of color possibilities. ECG stands as a game-changer, allowing printers to achieve a level of consistency and excellence previously unseen in the world of flexo printing.

Section 2: Difference between Extended Colour Gamut and printing with CMYK and pantones

In the realm of printing, the difference between Extended Color Gamut (ECG) and traditional CMYK and Pantone approaches lies in the breadth of color possibilities. While CMYK relies on four primary inks—cyan, magenta, yellow, and black—and Pantones introduce spot colors for specific shades, ECG expands this spectrum. ECG introduces additional inks such as orange, green, and violet, broadening the color palette significantly. This extension enables printers to achieve a more accurate and vibrant reproduction of original artwork, surpassing the limitations of traditional models. The nuanced hues possible with ECG contribute to superior print quality, offering a revolutionary approach that sets new standards in the printing industry.

Section 3: Transitioning to ECG: A Strategic Move with Pinmark Block


Explore the strategic advantages of transitioning to ECG with Pinmark Block at the helm. Pinmark Block's commitment to high-quality flexo plates and prepress excellence becomes the cornerstone for capturing intricate details and ensuring optimal color reproduction. As the industry leader with over 65 years of legacy, Pinmark Block empowers printers to navigate the complexities of ECG printing, setting the stage for consistent excellence in every print.


Section 4: The Synergy: Pinmark Block and Innovation


Uncover the seamless integration of Pinmark Block's high-quality flexo plates with innovative solutions. Witness how this synergy guarantees vibrant and accurate color reproduction, simplifying the transition for printers. Pinmark Block emerges as the trusted partner for superior results on flexo printing machines—further enhancing the precision of ECG printing.


Section 5: Benefits of Opting for Consistent ECG Printing with Pinmark Block


Delve into the multifaceted benefits of consistent ECG printing, where the collaboration between Pinmark Block redefines the standards of excellence in flexo printing. Beyond the allure of expanded color options and improved print quality, this partnership introduces a groundbreaking approach that minimizes ink changes. By utilizing CMYKOGV inks, a standardized and efficient printing process is achieved, ultimately elevating the entire printing experience.


Printing with ECG introduces a transformative shift by minimizing or eliminating the need for spot color inks, leading to substantial reductions in ink costs and inventories. The brilliance of this approach lies in the fact that over 90% of Pantone colors can be faithfully reproduced using CMYK plus orange, violet, and/or green. Jobs that once relied on spot colors seamlessly transition to a fixed color palette, facilitating a streamlined printing process on high-quality flexo plates.


For converters, the impact is monumental—no more wash-ups between jobs, as ink colors remain consistent. This not only translates to faster changeovers but also a significant reduction in makeready time and waste. The big production benefit of ECG printing manifests as the printing press is configured with a "fixed palette" of CMYKOGV inks, capable of producing the majority of the PANTONE+ color range without the need for ink changes between jobs. Importantly, there's no limit to the number of PANTONE+ colors that can be seamlessly integrated into a single job.


While several well-known brands have already embraced the outstanding results achieved with a fixed palette of colors, there remains some resistance in the market. One significant concern revolves around the fear of "mixing" ink separations and dot patterns directly on press, as opposed to relying on ink in a traditional bucket. This fear underscores the critical importance of print and color quality control in the ECG printing process. To address this, a sophisticated system is necessary—one that provides real-time feedback for monitoring the entire run and allows for on-press adjustments. This ensures a seamless and controlled printing experience, assuaging concerns and reinforcing the viability of ECG printing for achieving consistent, high-quality results on flexo printing machines.


Section 6: Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Consistent Excellence with Pinmark Block


For printers aspiring for consistent excellence, a detailed step-by-step guide outlines the path to success. Navigate through the integration of high-quality flexo plates with ease. This ensures a standardized and repeatable printing process on flexo printing machines without the need for frequent ink changes, allowing printers to unlock the full capabilities of ECG for superior, consistent results.


Conclusion: Redefining Standards with Consistent ECG Printing


As we conclude this detailed exploration into the world of consistent ECG printing, Pinmark Block emerges as a transformative force, setting a new standard for excellence. It's a journey that promises not just brilliance on paper but a redefined benchmark for consistent and efficient flexo printing, powered by the innovation of ECG and high-quality flexo plates.


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