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Flexo Plates

Pinmark Block is a One-stop solution for all your flexo plate requirement. We offer plates of all thicknesses which can be used to print on various substrates. With the help of the best technologies from all over the world, we offer our customers the highest quality plates.

We produces high quality digital flexo plates for the narrow, mid and wide web flexo printing industry. We have a proven track record for producing plates that are precise and repeatable every time.

PINMARK allows extremely short production times, covers a wide spectrum of uses and produces printing plates of good quality. 


  • Cost Effective

  • Consistent and Repeatable Results

  • High Print Quality

  • Open Reverses

  • Improved Tonal Range

  • 2400 or 2540 ppi Imaging

  • Multiple Plate Materials and Thicknesses

Flexo Pre-press Services


with 60 years of experience, Pinmark Block offers the best in-house pre-press service, which helps our customers achieve the highest quality printing with the least amount of problems on press.

We offers a full range of pre-press graphic artwork preparation capability including Color Corrections, Step and Repeat, Color Separation, Trapping with use of latest prepress technology, automated engines and color engine, we are able to work efficiently and be compatible with Artwork designers and printers. Our automated workflows help us be efficient in quickly turning artwork around from start to finish.


  • Efficiently build or manipulate graphic files to provide accurate and repeatable color on press

  • Effectively use pre-flight and proofing practices

  • Employ best process color separation techniques

  • Step, Distort, & Trap file appropriately for the Press Specs

  • Employ optimization practices for the plate package

  • Accurately output file using correct specs such as line screen and dot type

  • Use data verification to solve pre-press issues before they reach production

  • Improve communication from the customer to pre-press to the pressroom.

Laser Engraved

Elastomer Sleeve

Elastomer Sleeves

Pinmark Block has a sister company known as PAL Printech LLP that manufactures Laser Engraved Elastomer Sleeves for continuous printing with a long printing life. This is the first company in India to introduce this technology, and with the help of R&D, we can provide printing sleeves for all types of printing.

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