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  • Rutul Zaveri

Ahmedabad’s Pin Point Block enhances flexo offering with next generation Esko platemaking system

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Pin Point Block is taking advantage of the latest developments in flexographic technology from Esko to enhance its entire plate making operation, introducing the full Esko Crystal line of platemaking solutions at its facility in Ahmedabad, India.

The sister company of Pin Mark Block, one of India’s leading flexographic trade shops, Pin Point Block has installed the Esko CDI Crystal 5080 XPS and innovative Print Control Wizard software to deliver more automation, enhanced quality, increased simplicity and improved reliability to the plate room. The company is the first in South Asia to have a CDI Crystal 5080 XPS with Optics 100 V2, a further optical development exclusive to the Esko platform, which combines best in class imaging quality with optimal productivity.

Mr. Rutul Zaveri, a partner in the platemaking business, said having enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Esko for more than sixteen years, the decision to continue its digital transformation journey with the new Crystal platemaking technology had been a simple one. “We always aim to supply excellent quality processed digital flexo plates to our customers, which helps them to achieve superior flexo print results,” said Mr. Zaveri. “When we were looking to replace our existing lamps plate imager, we knew we wanted to invest in the most innovative and reliable solution. The Esko CDI Crystal 5080 XPS met all our requirements and expectations.”

Renowned for its in-depth knowledge of prepress and printing of all types, Pin Point Block has earned a reputation for maximizing the visual appeal of its flexo-printed artwork on any given press. “We are always keen to implement new technologies and were the first to invest in an automatic flexo platemaking module within Esko Automation Engine, which integrates our imager and state of the art Kongsberg cutting table to ensure quality and accuracy at a significantly faster pace than the manual way of cutting flexo plates,” said Mr. Zaveri. “This newest addition perfectly complements our state-of the art Esko prepress software, which not only includes the latest generation Automation Engine but also ArtPro+ and Imaging Engine. Indeed, the Imaging Engine is also unique in that it has two processing channels, which enables us to RIP two jobs at the same time, improving our throughput and helping to ensure all deliveries are on-time.”

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